6 Reasons Why I Love Beauty Blogging

If you’ve checked out BaumBeauty before, you might have notice our “About” section. It’s pretty straightforward and simple, so I thought I’d expand a bit. Beauty blogging is something I never dreamed I’d be doing as part of my career, but I’m so glad that I do it. In this post, I want to share the top six reasons why I love beauty blogging – and picking only six reasons was tough! Without further ado, here’s what makes me so passionate about BaumBeauty:

Why I Love Beauty Blogging

I enjoy bridging the gap between beauty gurus and beauty newcomers.

Don’t get me wrong – there are so many amazing beauty gurus out there. But I know that when I was new to makeup, all of the information thrown my way was pretty intimidating. I like to think that BaumBeauty is a happy medium for anyone and everyone. Whether you’re a makeup expert or someone contemplating new beauty products, you’ll find recommendations and info here that suits you.

I’ve always shared sales, freebies, and coupons on social media – now it’s part of my job!

My friends and family tend to joke about my love for Target. I’m constantly posting about their sales and coupons on my personal Facebook page. This is something I’ve done for years, and I get genuinely excited to share sales with others. I’ve incorporated that passion into how I use BaumBeauty’s social media pages.

If you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram, you’ll see the I’m always posting about sales, freebies, shipping deals, coupons, and more. I’ve even dubbed Fridays “#FiveDollarFriday” on our social media; I share makeup, clothing, and accessory deals that are all $5 or less. Finding these deals, sharing them, and seeing all of the positive feedback feels great.

I love contributing to an all-inclusive idea of beauty.

In our articles and social media posts, we cover a broad spectrum of beauty products, tools, looks, and more. For some people, beauty is finding that perfect affordable dress from Forever 21 Plus. For others, it’s investing money in an eyelash growth serum. Beauty is whatever makes you look and feel YOUR best, and I’ve always felt that idea is very important. BaumBeauty keeps topics diverse, and our social media posts focus on all styles and price points. I truly hope that everyone who reads our pages finds something that fits into their idea of beauty.

It’s fun yet challenging to research and to find products and solutions for every budget.

I enjoy writing about products I’m familiar with, but researching new ones is just as fun. Our post about the Viviscal hair growth supplement is a great example. I knew nothing about this hair growth supplement, so I went in with a 100% unbiased opinion. I found a lot of excellent and interesting info about how it really does work, and I was pretty impressed. Doing research and discovering new things about beauty products is challenging, but I truly like doing it. It helps me feel confident in the products we recommend – and the products that I often end up using myself!

The “little things” like giveaways, comments, and answering questions.

There are dozens of small things that come with beauty blogging. At BaumBeauty, we coordinate free makeup giveaways, and they’re honestly so fun to do. I include little handwritten notes with each package I send, and I love the excited e-mails I receive from winners.

There are also the everyday things such as seeing likes and comments from the brands we post about on Instagram. Or replying to questions about where I’ve found a product that we shared. Are these interactions small? Sure. But it’s great to connect with everyone from giveaway winners to fellow makeup enthusiasts.

I’m making a living surrounding two things I love.

I’ve been in the freelance writing industry for nearly six years now. It’s been my sole job for the past few years, and I couldn’t be happier about that. Writing has been a passion of mine since high school, so doing something I care about to make a living is pretty amazing.

Beauty blogging in particular is incredibly fun for me. I’m a self-confessed makeup addict, I love changing my hair color, and DIY beauty recipes are a blast to try out. Getting to blog about something I actually enjoy in my personal life makes my job even more fun and rewarding.

Wrapping Things Up

As I mentioned above, it was definitely difficult to pick just six reasons I love beauty blogging. But I hope the reasons I’ve shared have given you a little ‘behind the scenes’ look into BaumBeauty. I’m always happy to answer any questions about our page or posts, so don’t hesitate to comment  if you’re interested. If you enjoyed this post, make sure you’re on our mailing list to get more content soon!

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