Best Whitening Mouthwash For A Pearly Smile

Want to get pearly whites without spending hundreds of dollars? You’ll need the a quality whitening mouthwash for whitening teeth at home. BaumBeauty has you covered – check out the options below!

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6 Reasons Why I Love Beauty Blogging

If you’ve checked out BaumBeauty before, you might have notice our “About” section. It’s pretty straightforward and simple, so I thought I’d expand a bit. Beauty blogging is something I never dreamed I’d be doing as part of my career, but I’m so glad that I do it. In this post, I want to share the top six reasons why …

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KVD Pink and Purple Flash

Best Heated Eyelash Curler For Luscious Lashes

Are you looking to amp up your lashes? For the ultimate length and volume, you’ll need the best heated eyelash curler possible. This affordable tool saves you cash and makes your eyelashes look stunning. Read on to learn more!

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hot roller reviews

The Best Hot Rollers For Every Hair Type

Do you want an effortless way to achieve beautiful curls? Then you’ll need the best hot rollers for your hair type. We’ve covered 10 budget-friendly options for all needs. Check them out!

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