Gold Picture Frames: ‘Beauty On A Budget’ For Your Home

Are you looking to spruce up your home without spending a fortune? Gold picture frames are a trendy and versatile option. In this post, we cover everything from vintage gold picture frames to DIY options. See for yourself!

At BaumBeauty, our motto has always been ‘beauty on a budget’. In this post, we decided to expand on that idea a bit – beauty doesn’t just apply to hair and makeup! Now that spring is here, it’s time to change things up around your home. We want to discuss the gold picture frame trend and how you can make it work for you.

Whether you’re creating a frame collage or looking for statement pieces, these are the picture frames to get the job done. They can be pricey, but they certainly don’t have to be! Below we’ve compiled a list of some budget-friendly options that fit all sorts of styles – retro, modern, funky, feminine, and more. Read on to see how you can make this affordable interior design option work for you.

Small Gold Picture Frames

Kate Aspen “All That Glitters” Gold Frame

gold picture frames for your house

If you want a small gold picture frame that really catches the eye, this Kate Aspen ‘All That Glitters’ frame is perfect. This petite frame fits a 2.5 by 2.5-inch photo, and the size of the frame itself is 3.5 by 3.5 inches. The frame is made from gold resin covered and covering in stunning gold glitter. It’s perfect for parties, wedding, small statement pieces, and more. You can really “wow!” your guests with one or more of these trendy and gorgeous frames gracing your space.

Kate Aspen “Royale” Baroque Place Card/Photo Holder, Gold

nice small gold picture frames

The Kate Aspen line offers yet another unique and stylish small gold frame. This frame features a classic Baroque design that gives a hint of old European charm to any room. One thing I love about this charming frame is the matte gold finish. The resin frame is 3.4 by 5 inches, and the interior fits a 2 by-2.25 inch photo or card. It’s a great pick for framing small keepsakes, or you can use it as part of a large picture frame collage. If you want multiple frames, you can order this Kate Aspen item in bulk and get a significant discount.

Rustic and Refined Design Solid Wood Made in USA Picture Frame with 1 Inch Border

cute small gold picture frames

If you have a modern taste and enjoy minimalist designs, this gold frame from Rustic and Refined Design will catch your eye. This 4.5 by 4.5-inch frame is made from sturdy solid wood, and the thick one-inch border features a classic gold finish. The frame holds a 2.5 by 2.5-inch photo or flat item, so it’s another great choice for holding keepsakes. Each frame is handmade, so you’ll see subtle natural markings from the solid wood that is used. This popular frame has over 70 Amazon ratings and a truly impressive star review.

Malden International Designs Fashion Woods Bronze & Gold Picture Frame

little gold picture frame

If you’re looking for a traditional 5 by 7 frame, this Malden International Designs frame is a great option. The frame features an outer and inner gold trim that’s got a slightly rustic look to it. The rest of the border is made from an espresso colored wood, and that really makes the gold stand out. Despite having a pretty simple design, there’s something elegant about this frame.  This frame has an easel back design, so you can place it anywhere within your home. It can also be hung horizontally or vertically, so your budget-friendly design options are endless.

Vintage Gold Picture Frames

Gift Garden Friends Gift Gold Vintage Picture Frame

vintage gold picture frames for your house

If you’re a fan of vintage interior decor, you may just fall in love with this 5 by 7 golden frame. The frame features a design that you’d expect to see in Europe centuries ago. It’s very elegant and has a polished gold finish. Each frame is hand painted, and I think that adds to the ‘one of a kind’ look that you expect to see with true vintage items. This frame would look perfect in a home office or mantlepiece, but you can make it work anywhere you’d like.

Imperial Frames 5 by 7-Inch Gold Molding with Floral Designs

budget antique gold picture frames

This gold frame quickly caught my eye because of the design. The frame is a type of vintage meets modern collaboration that’s very unique. Most of the frame features a sleek, solid wood design, but the edges feature vintage trim that really stands out. Combined with the glossy gold finish, this frame stands out from the rest. It’s available in sizes ranging from 4 by 6 inches to 16 by 20 inches. It’s made from solid wood and finished with gesso, which gives it that even, glossy look.

Lawrence Frames Sutter Burnished Picture Frame, 4 by 6-Inch, Gold

antique looking metal picture frames golden

Do you enjoy more of a rustic vintage style rather than a European vintage style? If so, then this burnished gold frame might be your favorite pick. The frame looks fairly simple, but the little details are what really make it beautiful. The wooden frame is covered with a lightly polished gold coat, so you can still see the details of the material. This gives it that rustic, handmade vibe that’s a bit different than traditional vintage picture frames. You can display your photos in this frame on a tabletop vertically or horizontally, and it can also be wall-mounted. The classic vintage style really suits any kind of interior design plan that you have in mind.

Airmont Designs 5 by 7-inch Vintage Gold and Red Wood Picture Frame

nice antique gold and redwood picture frame

If you enjoy a splash of color with your vintage decor, this frame is sure to stand out. The border of the frame is wooden, painted gold, and hand distressed, so no two frames are exactly alike. The interior part of the frame features a red and gold patterned background, and it wraps around the back of the entire frame. This truly unique detailing is a fun and funky spin on vintage gold picture frames. The frame can stand vertically or horizontally and holds a 5 by 7-inch print. It’s a great way to add some color and charm to any room in your home or office.

Rose Gold Picture Frames

Philip Whitney 5×7/4×6 Rose Gold Geo Frame

modern looking rose gold picture frame

Rose gold has been an iconic color in makeup, fashion, and design throughout the past few years. This mod-style Philip Whitney item is a rose gold picture frame that takes on the trend very nicely. The frame has a multi-angled geometric surface that looks almost futuristic. The high-shine metallic finish further adds to the super-modern look. The frame itself is 7 by 9 inches, but it holds either a 5 by 7 or 4 by 6-inch photo. This visually appealing frame is a great pick for any room with a new-age design.

M and D International Beautiful 4×6 Rose Resin Picture Frame (Pink and Gold)

fancy roses golden picture frame

This unique frame by M and D International takes the term ‘rose gold’ to an entirely new level. The border of the frame is crafted from resin and shaped like roses. This gives the frame a very soft feminine look, and it pairs perfectly with the gorgeous rose gold color. You can use this frame on a desktop or mantle vertically or horizontally. It can also hang on the wall, so it’s a great option for frame collages. I think pairing this frame with some of the gold vintage picture frames is a great way to make an outstanding wall collage that pulls any room together.

DIY Gold Picture Frames

Before we wrap this post up, I wanted to mention the option of creating your own gold picture frames. All you need are some inexpensive picture frames and gold paint(s) that suit your taste. I compiled a small list of different types of gold paint below. There are lots of different finishes to choose from, so you can mix and match for the ultimate DIY gold picture frames:

I love using spray paint for DIY projects like this because the finish looks very even. However, it can be messy and the fumes are harsh. If you decide to use spray paint, make sure to wear proper protective equipment while working on your project.

It’s Easy To Make Gold Picture Frames Work For You

We know that this post was a pretty different from our others, but we also hope that you enjoyed it. The idea of applying ‘beauty on a budget’ can apply to all areas of your life. From decorating with gold picture frames to dyeing your hair bright purple, there’s really no limit. Create your own definition of the phrase and have fun with it!

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