DIY Makeup Organizer Ideas

Having great makeup organizers makes it so much easier to navigate your cosmetics collection. In this post, we discuss the best DIY makeup organizer ideas for DIY lovers. Read on to discover some stellar ideas!

As you all know, “beauty on a budget” is my personal mantra. That’s why I keep my battle station (AKA makeup station) organized using DIY makeup storage. Don’t get me wrong – I love a good acrylic makeup organizer if it’s affordable. But if you’re a Pinterest user, you’ve likely seen all sorts of makeup storage hacks.

I’ve implemented some of those popular DIY ideas to create a frugal but fashionable space, and I want to share them with you. Below I’ve discussed five DIY makeup storage options. I currently use several of these options, and I plan on implementing more soon. You’ll find details, tips, product recommendations, and more. If you’re looking for cute makeup storage on a budget, this article is for you!

Best DIY Makeup Organizer Ideas

1. Mason Jar Makeup Organizers

best diy makeup organizer

Mason jars were my first venture into DIY makeup storage, and now I use them for pretty much everything around my home. They’re super affordable, versatile, and easy to customize. I like using them as clear makeup organizers because it makes it easier to see the exact brush or product I need.

I use plain mason jars at my beauty battle station, but I noticed that colorful tinted jars are quite popular. Tinting them yourself is possible, but you can buy beautiful pre-colored ones. They’re very affordable, too! You can get six purple pint sized mason jars for around $10.  

To keep my brushes upright – and for a bit of extra flair – I fill the jars about ¼ of the way with flat clear marbles. They are inexpensive and make makeup brush storage a breeze. I’ve also seen people use whole coffee beans as a quirky and aromatic alternative!

Some great items for mason jar makeup storage include:

2. Office Storage Makeup Organizers

office equipment for diy makeup storage

If you’re like me, there’s no way your entire cosmetics stash will fit on your desk, vanity, or bathroom counter. That’s why I keep a plastic storage cart with wheels next to my makeup area. It was very affordable, required no assembly, and it provides ample room for extra makeup, my nail polish collection, and other odds and ends.

As a bonus, having the storage cart next to my desk gave me additional surface space. I keep an open plastic storage box on top of it that holds makeup I use on a semi-regular basis. Boxes like these are a few liters and very budget friendly. Mine is a translucent blue hue, but you can get crafty with plain ones using colorful Sharpies and acrylic craft paint.

Thanks to some research, I found some truly great office storage items that double as DIY makeup organizers:

3. Magnetic Makeup Organizers

diy makeup organizer guide

Though I haven’t ventured into creating a magnetic makeup board, I’d love to do so soon! They free up a lot of space, so they’re perfect for small bedrooms, dorm rooms, and bathrooms. From what I’ve seen, creating a DIY magnetic makeup board is simple. To make a unique and customized board, you’ll need the following inexpensive items:

You can also spend a bit more on decorative items like paint pens, ribbon, lace, and so on. These things are still pretty inexpensive, but they add a unique flair to your board.

Additionally, you need a base for your magnetic makeup board. There are quite a few options to consider. I’ve seen people use these items as the base of their DIY magnetic makeup boards:

If you need any inspiration, venture over to Pinterest and look up “DIY magnet board” or similar search terms. You’ll find hundreds – if not thousands – of ideas to help you come up with your own makeup storage creation.

4. Kitchen Storage Makeup Organizers

makeup storage diy guide

Kitchen drawer storage containers are currently my favorite way to store makeup. They’re compact, versatile, and very budget-friendly. I use small wire baskets and plastic drawer organizers on my desk-turned-vanity. They are easy to mix and match and organize to suit virtually any surface. They also happen to be one of the least expensive options for makeup storage.

I suggest getting a variety of sizes and colors for optimal organization, but it’s entirely up to you! I use white, clear, and blue containers and sort my most-used cosmetics into them. It’s simple and clutter-free. Again, you can always get crafty with spray paint, craft paint, permanent markers, and more.

You certainly don’t have to stick to using solely baskets and drawer organizers. I’ve seen some seriously crafty vanities adorned with other kitchen-related storage. Excellent options for those DIY makeup storage are featured below:

5. Miscellaneous Storage Makeup Organizers

creative makeup organizers

A lot of the best makeup organizers don’t exactly fall into a specific category. However, I’ve organized them below to make things a bit easier for you. These picks are based on my own makeup storage, popular Pinterest ideas, and a bit of browsing. Take a look!

Candle Holders – I find that candle holders are best for makeup brush storage. Since there are so many different styles to choose from, they’re a bit more versatile than mason jars. Small candle holders for tea lights are suitable for holding lipstick and travel-sized cosmetics. Below is a small list of different candle holders that are affordable and stylish:

Over The Door Storage – I think over the door storage is excellent for small space organization. If you share a bedroom or have a small bathroom, some of these ideas are perfect for you. For example, I’ve seen people use shoe organizers to hold nail polish and hair accessories. Others use an over-the-door basket unit to hold their entire makeup collection. You can also do a miniature version of the magnet board mentioned above using double sided magnetic tape on your wall or bathroom mirror. Here are some budget-friendly options to check out:

DIY Makeup Organizers: Get Creative

It’s easy to see that you have tons of DIY makeup organizer options to choose from. You can mix and match the ideas in my comprehensive list above. You can use them as inspiration and create your own desktop and drawer makeup organizers. With the inexpensive products listed in the article, there’s really no limit to what you can come up with!

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