Professional Acrylic Nails

7 Ways To Do Your Nails: DIY & Professional Manicures

It’s no secret that I enjoy blogging about nail care and manicures. From gel polish to cuticle oil, we’ve discussed this topic quite a bit. Since this topic is a popular theme for us, why not take it up a notch? It’s time to go above and beyond and make one comprehensive post that’s all about nails.

my warm neutral eyeshadow for 2017

Summer 2017 Eyeshadow: 7 Hot Trends To Try

One of my favorite things about beauty blogging is discovering the latest trends. Every season brings about a new makeup craze or two, and summer is no exception. I’ve noticed a lot of spring makeup staples carried over into these warmer months. Needless to say, people are loving these current looks!

6 Reasons Why I Love Beauty Blogging

If you’ve checked out BaumBeauty before, you might have notice our “About” section. It’s pretty straightforward and simple, so I thought I’d expand a bit. Beauty blogging is something I never dreamed I’d be doing as part of my career, but I’m so glad that I do it. In this post, I want to share the top six reasons why …

The Best Hot Glue Gun: 9 Options For Every DIY Need

To complete any ‘beauty on a budget’ DIY projects, you need to have a half-decent hot glue gun. The type of glue gun you want or need may vary, but we’ve got your back. Below you’ll find a variety of the best hot glue guns for every need!