Best Purple Shampoos: Banishing Brassiness

Are you tired of brassy tones dulling your blonde ‘do? We’re here to help. Below you’ll find 10 of the best purple shampoos for all hair types. Check out our top picks!

I’ve been sporting white-blonde hair for several months now, and it’s one of my favorite looks. The only downside to having blonde or highlighted hair is the maintenance. Bleached hair can quickly look yellow or brassy, and this puts a damper on any blonde style. That’s why having the right shampoo for blonde hair is so important.

Purple shampoos might all seem the same, but the truth is that some formulas simply work better than others. They also leave your locks in better condition! I picked the ten best shampoos for blondes below based on 1) the benefits they offer, 2) my personal experience, 3) user feedback, and 4) affordability. Let’s see which of these options suits you the most!

Best Purple Shampoos: Our Picks

ConairPro Shiny Silver Ultra Shampoo

best purple shampoo reviews

I’ve used a handful of different purple shampoos, but I’m a huge fan of this ConairPro pick. As you can see at the link above, it’s described as a ‘conditioning shampoo’. I find this to be very accurate; it softens lightened hair without stripping out too much moisture. Since I’ve been sporting white-blonde hair, I use this shampoo to tone out any yellow or brassy hues that pop up. It’s very effective and contains soothing ingredients like lavender, orange peel, lemon, tangerine, and grapefruit. This adds a refreshing kick to an already high-quality formula. It’s got great Amazon feedback, and this purple shampoo option is less than $12.

Clairol Shimmer Lights Shampoo

best purple shampoos

Clairol Shimmer Lights is undoubtedly one of the most well-known purple shampoos on the market. It’s designed for use on both blonde and silver hair; this makes it an excellent pick if your hair is lightened to a Level 10 or higher. It’s designed for use on both natural and dyed hair, so it covers the needs of most light-haired ladies. The shampoo contains a rich mixture of moisturizers, and it’s protein enriched to help strengthen hair. Amazon buyers love this shampoo, and you can get a 16-ounce bottle along with a 16-ounce bottle of Shimmer Lights Conditioner for about $20.

Joico Color Endure Violet Shampoo

best violet shampoo

Joico is a salon haircare brand that’s popular for their nourishing shampoos and conditioners. Their Color Endure Violet shampoo is designed to promptly get rid of yellow and orange brassy tones from blonde or silver hair. This shampoo is often first used after a bleaching or coloring session. It does contain violet dye, so it’s a good choice if you notice unsightly tones after dyeing your hair blonde. The formula is sulfate-free, which means it’s gentler than many other shampoo options. In the Amazon review section, you’ll see many buyers leaving five-star feedback on this purple shampoo. There is a handful of ‘before and after’ photos, too – check them out! This salon shampoo is a good value for less than $14.

Joico Color Balance Shampoo, Purple

best purple color balancing shampoo

If you’ve got darker blonde hair, this Joico Color Balance Shampoo may suit you better than the Color Endure option. It’s designed to enhance your hair’s color and eliminates yellow, brassy tones like other purple shampoos. It is also designed for natural or dyed hair. There’s also a blue option if your hair has more of an orange tinge to it that you want to tone out. A little goes a long way since this shampoo is used in alternation with your regular shampoo. With a lot of positive feedback, this is a great purple shampoo option for under $13.

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Color Renew Tone Restoring Shampoo

best color renew shampoo for blondes

If you’re on a tight budget but need a good purple shampoo for blonde hair, this John Frieda option is an excellent option. This shampoo is formulated to show noticeable results after only three uses. Whether you’ve got platinum blonde hair or subtle highlights, the active ingredients in this shampoo can benefit you. It contains lavender and optical brighteners; these both neutralize brassy tones and brighten blonde hair. To get the best results, pair this with John Frieda Sheer Blonde Color Renew Tone Restoring Conditioner. These budget friendly John Frieda items are each less than $8.

MARC DANIELS Professional Purple Shampoo and Conditioner

paraben free purple shampoo

If your hair is damaged due to bleaching and lightening, this gentle purple shampoo and conditioner duo may be a great pick for you. The formula is paraben-free and infused with natural ingredients like Australian Blue Cypress Oil. The moisturizers in both products combined with the toning agents restore your hair while eliminating brassiness, yellowness, and orange tones. The retailer also offers a money back satisfaction guarantee, so you can try this brand without hesitation. This shampoo and conditioner duo is reasonably priced for a total of about $20.

TIGI Bed Head Dumb Blonde Purple Toning Shampoo

purple toning shampoo for blondes

TIGI Bed Head products are among some of my favorites; this salon brand is fairly budget-friendly and always high-quality. In my experience, TIGI’s Dumb Blonde Purple Toning Shampoo is no exception. This shampoo has a very light, pleasant scent and it’s effective at toning out brassy yellow tones. It’s also formulated to help reduce frizz and flyaways, so it aids in the styling of your hair. This purple shampoo for blonde hair has consistently positive customer feedback. And for a salon brand, you’re getting a pretty good deal at around $14.

Sexy Hair Blonde Sulfate-Free Bright Violet Shampoo

shampoo that brightens blonde hair

If you prefer using sulfate-free shampoos, this violet shampoo by Sexy Hair is right up your alley. In addition to banishing unwanted yellow, brassy tones, this shampoo is designed to strengthen your hair. This makes it a good pick if your hair feels dry or weak after you’ve dyed it blonde. Many reviewers note that the shampoo has a very pleasant scent to it. They also mention that it tones without leaving uneven and unsightly purple stains in your hair. It’s also designed to work for white and gray hair, so it’s essentially a ‘one size fits all’ best purple shampoo. This highly-rated Sexy Hair product is priced competitively; you can get it on Amazon for under $10.

TIGI Catwalk Fashionista Shampoo for Unisex, Violet

violet shampoo for platinum blondes

Here’s another highly-rated purple shampoo from the TIGI hair care line. This violet-hued shampoo is designed for all-blonde or highlighted blonde hair. This shampoo has a subtle but pleasant scent to it, and it violet tone is deposited deeply into brassy or orange strands of hair. Many users mentioned leaving this shampoo on for about 3-5 minutes, rinsing, and instantly seeing excellent results. Like some other purple shampoos, this one doesn’t have to be used every day. Simply reach for it when you feel like your blonde hairdo needs a pick-me-up. Even with regular use, one bottle of this TIGI shampoo goes a long way. You can really get your money’s worth for less than $11.50.

PRAVANA THE PERFECT BLONDE Purple Toning Sulfate-Free Shampoo

sulfate free shampoo for blondes

Pravana is a prestigious salon brand known for their quality dyes and hair care products. This sulfate-free purple shampoo is certainly no exception. It contains ultra nourishing and strengthening ingredients like keratin, wheat, and silk amino acids. These restore your bleached or highlighted hair to a soft, strong state. Additionally, the formula contains ultra-violet dye and optical brighteners to achieve the perfect toning effect. You can maintain beautiful white-blonde strands by regularly using this shampoo. Though Pravana is a bit more expensive than some of the other options, this salon brand shampoo is available for about $20.

Last But Not Least: Tips For Keeping Brassiness At Bay

Before we wrap this post up, I want to share some additional tips for blondes. While having the a good purple shampoo is crucial, it’s also necessary to have other hair care products. It’s also necessary to know how to properly take care of your lightened strands. Keep these three tips in mind:

  • Use purple shampoo as directed; it’s typically left on longer than regular shampoo. Most purple shampoos are designed for use from 2-6 minutes. The formula needs to penetrate your hair in order to properly tone it. Make sure to read the instructions before washing your strands.
  • If your hair is bleached and damaged, using a purple reconstructor is a must. I personally love and use One ‘n Only Shiny Silver Reconstructive Treatment a few times per week. It totally eliminates brassiness and really nourishes my hair post-lightening.
  • Purple shampoo isn’t designed for daily use. In most cases, the recommended usage is every other wash or a few times per week. Using it daily isn’t necessary, and it’s essentially a waste of money. If your hair is already properly toned from your last wash, using more purple shampoo won’t make much of a difference. Save yourself some cash and use your purple shampoo when you need to brighten up your blonde hair a bit.

The Best Purple Shampoos: An Option For Everyone

Whether you’re on a $10 budget or looking for sulfate-free shampoo, we’ve got you covered with our list. Every blonde bombshell deserves to have the best purple shampoo. That’s why our top 10 picks cover a large spectrum of needs. Everyone can find the perfect product for them on the list above!

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