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Best Purple Hair Dye: Go Perfect Purple Every Time

Are you tempted to try out the purple hair dye trend? Then this is the post for you. Below you’ll find the best purple hair dyes for all hair types. Take a look and find the one that’s right for you!

Vivid hair colors certainly aren’t a new fad, but certain hues have become incredibly popular. One that I often see and love is purple. From luxurious dark purple hair to purple ombre hairstyles, you can do pretty much anything with this color. In this post, I’m going to cover a broad selection of purple hair dye options.

Best Purple Hair Dye: For Every Situation

From temporary dye to dye for dark hair, the list below covers it all. You’ll also find a list of tips and tricks to get the best color results. So if you want to explore the purple hair dye trend, BaumBeauty has you covered. Read on to see what your options are for achieving pretty purple locks.

Best Permanent Purple Hair Dye

( defines permanent hair dye as a dye that ”Permanently changes the natural pigment of your hair. It contains ingredients that help the color molecules penetrate the hair cuticle and deposit permanent color. Because it is a stronger formula, permanent color provides the best gray coverage and also has the ability to lighten natural hair color.)

Matrix Socolor Permanent Cream Hair Color 10AV Extra Light Blonde Ash Violet

best purple hair dye

Matrix Socolor is a cream-based salon brand hair dye that’s well known and loved. It produces rich, permanent color, so it’s a good pick if you want long-lasting purple locks. This violet-blonde hue is made from a low-ammonia formula, and it contains light reflecting properties. This means you’ll be left with vivid and shiny locks. In addition to this color, there are over 150 shades on Amazon to consider. If you want to use a professional dye to get long-term results, Matrix Socolor is a good option.

Sparks Long Lasting Bright Hair Color in Purple Passion

best purple hair dyes

Sparks is a very popular permanent hair color brand with over 1,100 ratings and glowing Amazon reviews. It’s a direct dye, which means you don’t need to mix it with a developer. The formula is designed to condition your hair while you’re dyeing it, too. You can get the look you want without causing too much damage. The vegan-friendly dye is a stunningly intense shade of purple, so it’s another great pick if you want a bold look. This brand is also very budget-friendly, especially for a professional product!

Best Semi-Permanent Purple Hair Dye

(A article says “Semi-permanent or temporary hair color gives you a more natural color and is also easier to use. You can use semi-permanent dyes straight from the applicator as they don’t have to be pre-mixed. Cuannane Phillips adds, “They last for about six weeks and tend to fade progressively. As temporary colors don’t contain bleach, they can’t lighten your natural shade. Temporary dyes fade with shampooing and exposure to air. This means they need to be frequently reapplied, which can be damaging.”)

Arctic Fox 100% Vegan Semi-Permanent Hair Color Dye in Purple Rain

best semi-permanent purple hair dye

I mentioned Arctic Fox in our last hair dye post about the best hair dye brands. They’ve made yet another BaumBeauty list with their royal purple option, Purple Rain. This shade is a bit deeper than some of the other colors on the list and looks very rich and pigmented. The formula is designed to be as gentle as possible to your hair; it contains no damaging ammonia, peroxide, or ethyl alcohol. If you want an ultra-conditioning semi-permanent purple hair dye, this Arctic Fox option is my personal recommendation.

Jerome Russell Punky Hair Color Creme, Purple, 3.5 Ounce

purple hair dye reviews

I came across Jerome Russell Punky Hair Color Creme while researching bright hair dye brands for my own personal use. They popped up again as I did research for this post, and I was pleased to see that they have an incredibly popular purple dye. The formula itself has more than 1,200 Amazon reviews and nearly perfect ratings. This classic purple-hued dye is vegetable-based so it won’t cause any damage. It’s designed for use on lightened hair, but it’s pigmented enough to leave a subtle purple sheen on darker locks. Additionally, you can opt for Plum or Violet if you want a different shade of purple.

Pravana ChromaSilk Vivids (Violet)

best violet hair dye

Pravana is another brand that I discussed in “Best Hair Dye: Dye Your Own Hair Like A Pro”. This professional brand is used by stylists and seen on celebrities. It’s also another Amazon buyer favorite with over 2,300 reviews. The cream-based dye doesn’t require a developer, so no mixing or additional chemicals are necessary. The formula is also paraben-free, phthalate-free, and contains silk amino acids and keratin amino acids. Aside from Violet, Pravana also offers the shades Luscious Lavender (a pastel shade), Amethyst (a slightly cooler purple), and Wild Orchid (a purple with pink undertones).  

One ‘n Only Argan Oil Hair Color Perfect Intensity Royal Purple

most intense purple hair dye

Argan oil is a popular hair care product, and One n’ Only carries a very popular brand of it that I personally use and love. One n’ Only Argan Oil Hair Color gives you the best of both worlds by combining radiant color with this ultra nourishing oil. Since the dye contains active levels of argan oil, it repairs hair damage and seals the hair cuticle for long-lasting color. This deep purple dye can be used with or without a developing agent. If you want a more electric look, you can opt for their Neon Purple from the same line.

Best Purple Hair Dye For Dark Hair

Splat Revellious Colors Rich Velvet Color for Brunettes, Midnight Amethyst

best purple hair dye for dark hair

Dyeing over brunette and dark blonde hair can be tricky without using damaging bleach. That’s why Splat designed a line of bold hues designed specifically for dark hair – no bleaching required. Midnight Amethyst is a deep purple shade that’s semi-permanent. According to the manufacturer’s description, it takes about 60 to 75 minutes to achieve the desired results – not too bad! If you’d like a dark purple dye without too much hassle, this product is certainly worth trying.

Manic Panic Hair Color in Purple Haze

best semi-permanent purple hair dye for dark hair

In the Manic Panic FAQ section, Purple Haze is listed as an option for those with darker hair. If you’ve got medium brown to dark blonde hair, Purple Haze is a great choice for you! I’ve personally used this color, and it’s an electric-looking purple with pink undertones. On dark hair, it gives more of a subtle but stunning highlight. As always, the Manic Panic formula is extra gentle and doesn’t damage your hair one bit. To get the best color payoff, apply Purple Haze before going to bed. You can safely wear this dye overnight – just don’t forget to wear a plastic cap while you snooze!

Best Purple Hair Dye For Bleached Hair

(The article linked above also defines bleached hair. “Bleach and highlights remove color from your hair by the process of oxidation. “Oxidation decolorizes the pigment in your hair shaft, which is why bleach will turn your hair almost white if it’s left on for too long. Very bleached hair often gains a yellow tint, because keratin (the protein your hair is made of) is naturally a pale yellow,” says Cuannane Phillips.”.)

Manic Panic Hair Color in Mystic Heather

best purple hair dye for bleached hair

When it comes to pastel or ultra-light hair dye, Manic Panic is my go-to choice. This damage-free formula produces a very cool, light purple. It contains conditioning agents and is a vegetable-based dye; I find that it actually softens up my hair a bit after I bleach it. It’s ready to use straight from the jar, and you can leave it on anywhere from 30 minutes to overnight. Manic Panic has other purple dyes including Electric Amethyst (purple with blue undertones).

One n’ Only Argan Oil Perfect Intensity Pastel Lilac Semi Permanent Hair Color

best purple hair dye if your hair is bleached 2017

The Perfect Intensity Line from One n’ Only also contains an array of pastel hues including lilac. This pale purple dye is ideal for hair that’s been bleached to a Level 10 or higher. Like other dyes from this brand, the formula is very nourishing and contains enriching argan oil. You don’t need to add a developer to the dye, so it’s less likely to further damage bleached hair. Most pastel dyes are pretty temporary, and this one lasts six to eight washes. Check out the tip sections below to see how you can extend the life of your hair color.

Great Purple Hair With These Six Tips

Now that you’ve got a list of hair dye options, I want to offer up some tips based on my personal experience. When it comes to dyed hair, maintenance is an absolute must. I find that this is especially true when you use unnatural hues like the ones on this list. Try out these simple tips to pamper your hair and make your color last longer.

  • If you need to bleach your hair first, prepping it is a must. Bleaching your hair is usually necessary unless you have ultra-light blonde hair. Hair bleach is very damaging; it weakens the hair and causes breakage. For a few weeks prior to bleaching, use a deep conditioning treatment and avoid using heat styling tools. You can also coat your hair with coconut oil a few hours before you bleach it, and leave it on your hair during the bleaching process. This does not affect the results, but it protects your hair from damage.
  • Do a strand test on your hair. It’s crucial to perform a strand test for a few different reasons. First, you want to make sure the dye doesn’t cause any irritation or allergic reactions. You also want to see what the dye looks like on you before committing to a major change. Dye can look drastically different than it does in photos. A quick strand test will ensure you get a color that you love.
  • Buy a hair dye tools kit or create your own. I made a simple kit that I use every time I dye my hair. It contains Vaseline, disposable rubber gloves, hair sectioning clips, disposable shower caps, and spare towels. Apply the Vaseline to your hairline and ears to avoid staining them with dye.
  • Wash your hair with cool or lukewarm water. In my experience, hot or warm water fades vivid hair colors much faster than cooler water. This issue seems to be echoed in the hair and beauty forums I frequent. It may not feel super comfortable, but washing your hair with lukewarm or cool water is the way to go.
  • Invest in some dry shampoo to make your color last longer. The less you wash and rinse your hair, the less you’ll be rinsing away your dye job. Purchase dry shampoo to absorb oil and leave your hair looking fresh without washing it. I like Dove Dry Shampoo and Ion Dry Shampoo.
  • Add purple Manic Panic dye to your conditioner. This is a personal tip of mine that I used when I had purple hair. Manic Panic’s formula is very gentle, so adding some to your conditioner can help your color last longer. I combined a few tablespoons of Purple Haze with a bottle of conditioner and kept it in a Tupperware container. Simple and effective!

Achieving The Perfect Purple Hair Color Is Possible

As you can see, you can get the purple hair color you want is doable from the comfort of your own home. From pretty pastels to vivid violets, our mega list of the best purple hair dye options covers the spectrum. Don’t forget to prep, test, and implement the other tips mentioned above. And check out these other BaumBeauty posts to keep your hair in excellent shape:

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