The Best Hot Glue Gun: 9 Options For Every DIY Need

To complete any ‘beauty on a budget’ DIY projects, you need to have a half-decent hot glue gun. The type of glue gun you want or need may vary, but we’ve got your back. Below you’ll find a variety of the best hot glue guns for every need!

We’ve discussed DIY projects here and there on BaumBeauty; my favorite do-it-yourself article of ours is “DIY Makeup Organizer Ideas”. One of the most essential tools for any crafty project is a hot glue gun. It seems like a pretty easy tool to pick out, but don’t randomly choose any model. You may be surprised that there are tons of different glue gun options for different needs.

From the best cordless hot glue guns to the best small ones, we’ve covered pretty much every need you can think of! This post features nine different options, and they’re all at attractive price points. If you want to get crafty with your ‘beauty on a budget’ routine, you can choose one of the glue guns below.

Best All Purpose Hot Glue Guns

BSTPower Professional Hot Glue Gun

best hot glue gun

I wanted to start the list off with a versatile and highly-rated hot glue gun. The BSTPower Professional Hot Glue Gun has nearly 500 Amazon reviews and stellar customer feedback. This glue gun offers everything you can imagine – temperature control, overheating protection, an interchangeable nozzle, and much more. The gun quickly heats up in just 3-5 minutes, and the heat settings range between 212 and 428 Degrees Fahrenheit. This gives you a wide range of temperature to work with, so you can use this for virtually any project. To seal the deal, this glue gun comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime warranty.

Surebonder PRO2-100 100-Watt High Temperature Industrial Glue Gun

industrial quality glue gun

The Surebonder PRO2-100 is another all-purpose hot glue gun that has excellent feedback and a great reputation. This hot glue gun is powered by 100 watts and reaches a temperature of 380 degrees Fahrenheit. This high temperature makes it ideal for projects that require very secure bonding. According to reviewers, this glue gun is drip-free and mess-free all around. It features an ergonomic handle design, so you don’t have to worry about discomfort while using it. The glue gun also has a lightweight design that makes it a great all-purpose option.

Blusmart 100-Watt Industrial Glue Gun

best 100 watt glue gun

In addition to having a nearly perfect rating, this Amazon Best Seller caught my eye for a few reasons. The 100-watt glue gun is advertised as an option that can truly be used for everything. Some materials it can be used with include metal, wood, fabric, glass, plastic, and more. Whether you’re working on a quick DIY makeup holder or a detailed project, this gun has you covered. It heats up in 3-5 minutes, heats up to 356-392 Degrees Fahrenheit, and comes with 10 transparent glue sticks. Reviewers call this option ‘great quality’ and love that it covers pretty much any glue-related job you need to do. If you need a high quality and high temperature glue gun ready to use right out of the box, this may be the best choice for you.

Best Small Hot Glue Guns

CCbetter Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun

best mini hot glue gun

This petite hot glue gun is yet another Amazon Best Seller that I noticed pretty quickly. It’s a big hit in the craft glue gun category, and I can definitely see why. Once the gun heats up in 3-5 minutes, the temperature is regulated for safe and convenient quality control. This small glue gun can be used at any angle, so it’s great for a wide array of projects. It comes equipped with 25 hot glue gun sticks, so you’ll get what you need in one single order. This is another glue gun that comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime warranty. If you’re looking for something small yet reliable and powerful, this hot glue gun is worth considering.

DISCOBALL Hot Glue Gun Kit for DIY Small Craft and Quick Repairs

best small hot glue gun for crafting

The Amazon Best Seller items keep on coming! The DISCOBALL Hot Glue Gun Kit is very popular in the Amazon category ‘Craft Mounting Boards’. This compact hot glue gun is small yet very powerful. It’s ready to use in 3-5 minutes, and it has automatic temperature control for safety and precision. It comes equipped with 50 glue gun sticks, so you can quickly get started on your desired craft projects. It also comes with a 100% refund or replacement guarantee, so you can feel confident when you’re ordering it. If you aren’t sold on it yet, check out the dozens of positive reviews at the link above. This small, budget-friendly glue gun is a true hit.

Best Cordless Hot Glue Guns

Adhesive Technologies 0280 Hybrid Multi Temp Cordless Gun

best cordless glue gun for DIY crafts

If you want convenience and power, this Adhesive Technologies model may be a great glue gun for you. It’s cordless and operates on four AA batteries, so you can use it anywhere you’d like. There’s also a removable cord option if you’re out of batteries.The 120-watts of power allow it to pack a punch and get the job done. According to the manufacturer, waiting for the product to warm up isn’t required – it’s ready to go very quickly. This cordless hot glue gun comes with a two-year limited warranty, and it’s a very affordable model. If you need something portable that you can rely on, consider checking this glue gun out.

Surebonder CL-800F 60-Watt Cordless High Temperature Glue Gun

best high temp wireless glue gun

Do you need a high-temperature glue gun without the inconvenience of a cord? If so, the Surebonder CL-800F might just be your best bet. This cordless, battery-powered glue gun heats up to 380 Degrees Fahrenheit. The gun is very simple overall; it features a basic on and off switch and an insulated nozzle. It also comes with a stand/holder so you can safely set it down while you’re in between uses. You can either use 4-inch or 10-inch glue gun sticks with it, so pick whichever suits your project. It works well with both porous and nonporous materials, making it ideal for any of your DIY needs. This cordless hot glue gun has pretty consistent user reviews and it’s popular in Amazon’s ‘Glue Guns’ category. Check out what buyers have to say about this convenient product!

Best Cheap Hot Glue Guns

Adhesive Technologies High Temp Glue Gun Combo Pack

best cheap hot glue gun

This is the first glue gun I ever purchased, and I still keep it on hand for various DIY projects. It’s a very simple glue gun that comes with ten glue sticks, and it heats up fairly quickly. You can choose from a Low Temperature or High Temperature combo back; both options cost less than $5 on Amazon! This hot glue gun is perfect for craft projects. I’ve successfully used it with fabric, glass, wood, and other art materials. It comes highly recommended by Amazon buyers, too. If you’re on a tight budget, I highly recommend giving this popular hot glue gun a try.


best budget hot glue gun

This Best brand hot glue gun is another great pick if you’re looking for something super inexpensive. It heats up quickly in about three minutes, and the temperature control design allows for steady results. It comes ready to use with 25 glue gun sticks. This choice seems like an ideal fit for arts and crafts projects, and it can be safely used with many different materials. The name “Best” seems to fit very well considering the impressive feedback that this glue gun has. It has nearly 300 Amazon reviews with a stellar star rating. For such a low price, this is certainly one of the best glue gun options out there.

DIY Dreams Come True With Glue Guns

Turn home decor projects and Pinterest craft ideas into a reality when you buy the best hot glue gun for you. No matter what you need, our comprehensive list of options covers it all. From $5 options to industrial models, BaumBeauty has you covered. Take ‘beauty on a budget’ beyond makeup and hair care by getting creative at home.

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