best e.l.f. products worth buying

Top 25 Best e.l.f. Products Worth Buying

Who doesn’t love a good list? A top 25 one at that… here are my picks for the top 25 best e.l.f. products worth buying.

If you’re a makeup junkie like me, you know that this obsession can get quite expensive. Don’t get me wrong – I do enjoy the occasional  beauty splurge. But I just can’t rationalize spending $25.00 on a tube of lipstick at Sephora on a regular basis. Fortunately, one of my favorite brands happens to be one of the most affordable cosmetic brands out there.

I discovered e.l.f. Cosmetics about five or six years ago by coincidence. E.l.f. stands for eyes, lips, face – they do a bit of everything. Their online inventory was pretty impressive, and new customers get free shipping on their first orders. The low prices had me a little skeptical…could a decent concealer really be cheaper than a cup of coffee at Starbucks?

But, I figured “Why not?” and gave them a shot. Let’s just say it was love at first brush stroke. Now I’ve got an e.l.f. collection that consists of about 100 different products. I use many of the products in this post on a daily basis, and I can’t get enough of them. Before we dive into their must-have items, I’ll do a quick overview of e.l.f. Cosmetics:

  • They are a 100%  cruelty-free and vegan brand.
  • Their products start at only $1.00, and the most expensive item on my list is a whopping $6.00.
  • Any order over $35.00 qualifies for free shipping.
  • They are constantly running promotional offers – free gifts with a purchase, free shipping with no minimum purchase, buy one get one 50% off, and much more.

If you were wondering if e.l.f cosmetics were ‘good’ or not, I think the list speaks for its self – they sure tick all of my boxes.

My Top 25 Best e.l.f. Products:

So without further ado, let’s take a look at my personal favorites from e.l.f. Cosmetics in this expansive top 25 best e.l.f. products list – we’ll do a review table first including all my top picks then I’ll break down the categories of eye, lip, and face makeup and e.l.f. tools down into more detail.

ELF CosmeticsProduct ImageReviewPriceGet it Here
Clear Brow & Lash Mascarabest elf eye makeupDodge filling in your brows each day and keep your lashes tame all day.$
Expert Liquid Eyelinerbest elf products worth buyingHoly grail of liquid eyeliners. Strong pigment and thin brush for a perfect look.$ (Hot buy)
Cream Eyelinerbest elf eyelinerThis best-seller gives department store cream liners a run for their money. Great buy.$$
Eyebrow Kitbest elf eyebrow kitsIncredibly easy to use eyebrow kit for beginners and pros alike.$
Eyebrow Lifter & FillerEasy to use combination brow product - great value buy.$$
Smudge Pot Cream Eyeshadowbest elf products worth buyingHighly-pigmented cream eyeshadow that lasts all day - with a hint of shimmer.$
Lip Exfoliatorbest elf lip productsNatural ingredient lip exfoliator that removes all the dead skin on your lips - another holy grail product.$$
Lip Liner & Blending Brushbest elf products worth buyingThis brush helps make any lip color look flawless. This duo is an absolute steal.$$ (Great value)
Lip Definer & Shaperbest elf products worth buyingNifty tool to naturally make your lips look fuller.$$
Lip Kiss Balmbest elf products worth buyingLip moisturization with a hint of color. An easy to apply natural look in comparison to lipsticks.$$
Matte Lip Colorbest elf lip colorEasy to apply, can line & fill in one due to the precise tip, and never leaves your lips looking dry like some matte products.$
Poreless Primerbest elf primerSilky smooth primer that's a life saver if you have oily skin. Minimizes poors with a super light feel.$$
Shimmering Facial Whipbest elf products worth buyingAnother holy grail product, this whip adds the perfect hint of color and shimmer to your look.$
Beautifully Bare Blushbest elf products worth buyingThis product has great buildability for any look, whether you want a bold or subtle glow.$$
Studio Blushbest elf blushSuper affordable blush with an incredibly silky feel.$$
All Over Cover Stickbest elf concealer worth itI constantly repurchase this product - it's an amazingly effective concealer stick for any purpose.$$
Cover Everything concealerbest elf products worth buyingGreat value concealer - I love it in corrective yellow. This is a solid long lasting product.$
Essential Acane Fighting Spot Gelbest budget acne treatment from elf cosmeticsAKA the Zit Zapper! Greatly reduces the redness and size of pimples/acne quickly.$$
Studio Kabuki Face Brushbest elf products worth buying
Ultra soft bristles for applying facial powders without a chalky finish.$$
Contouring Kabuki Brushbest elf products worth buyingSlightly more precise than the original, this is great for blush, bronzer and more.$$
Angled Blush Brushbest elf products worth buyingApply your blush perfectly every time - for just a few dollars. Also great for sculpting and contouring.$
Eyelash & Brow Wandbest elf eyebrow productsEssential if you want perfect eyelashes every time. Removes clumps and gives a full and flawless look.$ (Super hot buy)
Essential Concealer Brushbest elf products worth buyingPerfect for covering up blemishes, and also applying bold lipsticks. I have one for each.$$
Slant Tweezersbest elf products worth buyingThis makes plucking your eyebrows bearable for a fraction of the price of other tweezers.$ (Must have)
Essential Shine Eraserbest elf makeup toolsBargain item ideal for oily skin - saving grace for when you start to look shiny.$$

Best e.l.f. Eye Makeup

best e.l.f. eye cosmetics

Clear Brow And Lash Mascara ($2) – If you’re not a fan of filling in your brows, then this product is perfect for you. I use this when I don’t feel like going through the daunting routine of applying eyebrow makeup. This transparent gel keeps my brows tame and neat throughout the entire day.

Expert Liquid Eyeliner ($2) – This liquid eyeliner is the holy grail of eyeliners. I prefer the Jet Black over any other drugstore brand I’ve tried. It’s highly pigmented and the brush is thin, so it’s easy to create the perfect winged look. It’s certainly a long lasting product, but I suggest using it with the e.l.f Eye Primer and Liner Sealer for maximum wear. Definitely near the top of the best e.l.f. products.

Cream Eyeliner ($3) – This e.l.f. best-seller gives department store cream liners a run for their money. The cream eyeliner comes with a small application brush that allows you to flawlessly apply the rich formula. For an everyday look, e.l.f. offers the popular shades Black and Coffee. For a bold and bright look, try out Punk Purple, Teal Tease, and Plum Purple.

Eyebrow Kit ($3)- If you’re new to applying eyebrow makeup, this is an excellent starter kit. It’s also great for experienced makeup mavens, of course, but it’s incredibly easy to use. The kit features a powder and wax duo, and it comes with a small double-ended brush. The wax glides on easily and holds the powder perfectly in place.

Eyebrow Lifter And Filler ($3) – The Lifter side of this pencil pairs perfectly with the Eyebrow Kit. You can instantly give your eyebrows a subtle arch while also giving them a neat, even look. The Filler side is ideal for lightly filling in your brows for a natural look. However, I do recommend using a cotton swab to blend in the Filler side. Though the product is a light ivory hue, it stands out a bit if you don’t blend it.

Smudge Pot Cream Eyeshadow ($3) – These highly-pigmented cream eyeshadows last all day and offer a very subtle hint of shimmer. They are perfect for an everyday look or a glamorous vibe. There are five neutral tan/nude hues to choose from along with shades purple, pink, blue and white. I suggest using the Blending Eye Brush for even application of this stellar eyeshadow.

Best e.l.f. Lip Makeup

best e.l.f. lip products

Lip Exfoliator ($3) – This is another e.l.f. product that is on my “holy grail” list. This lip exfoliator gently removes dead skin from your lips and leaves them feeling soft and smooth. It comes in three sweet flavors and is made from natural ingredients like shea butter and jojoba oil. I always use this before applying any kind of lipstick. I also apply it at night before bed and add a dab of coconut oil to my lips. This regimen is super hydrating, especially if you’re prone to dry lips.

Lip Liner & Blending Brush ($3) – I consider this duo to be an absolute steal. The “Natural” shade is an excellent match for many of nude and pink lipsticks in my personal collection. This double-ended treasure also features a flat blending brush. By using outwards brush strokes, this brush works well for making any lip color look flawless.

Lip Definer & Shaper ($3) – I use this nifty tool when I want my lips to look a bit plumper. It’s a double-ended stick – one end features a neutral pink shade to line and shape your lips. The opposite side is a transparent shimmery hue that gives your lips a full look. I usually just dab the shimmery side on my cupid’s bow when I’m wearing lip gloss or non-matte lipstick. It instantly makes my lips look naturally fuller.

Lip Kiss Balm ($2) – If you’re like me, you just don’t feel like wearing lipstick every single day. I love the Lip Kiss Balm because it moisturizes my lips while giving them a subtle hint of color. It’s perfect for days where you feel like sporting a simple, natural look. My favorite shade is Bare Kiss, as it’s just a few shades darker than my actual lip color. There are seven other shades to choose from, including user favorites like Berry Sweet and Kissing Coral.

Matte Lip Color ($3) – There are several reasons why I’m an avid fan of the Matte Lip Color. The slim pencil style design makes precise application a breeze. You can line your lips and fill them in with this single product. And unlike many other matte lipsticks I’ve tried, this product does not leave my lips looking dry. I’m partial to the shades Nearly Nude, Coral, Tea Rose, Praline, and Natural. However, this amazing lipstick comes in 17 different shades ranging from Catwalk Orange to Fuchsia.

Best e.l.f. Face Makeup & Products

best e.l.f. cosmetics

Poreless Face Primer ($6) – This silky smooth primer is a life saver if you have oily skin. It minimizes the look of my pores and has a super light feel. You only need to use a tiny amount to cover your face, so one bottle last for months even with daily application. It has a very subtle and pleasant scent due to the tea tree oil. I occasionally mix a dab of this primer with a heavier foundation for lighter, natural-looking coverage.

Shimmering Facial Whip ($3) – This is yet another holy grail product that I can’t get enough of. The Shimmering Facial Whip adds a subtle hint of color and shimmer to your eyes, lips, or cheeks. The three shades Pink Lemonade, Golden Peach, and Lilac Petal are excellent for a light blush or lip tint. The white Spotlight is a perfect highlighter for anywhere on your face. I use it in the corners of my eyes to give them a bright pop when I’m looking tired.

Beautifully Bare Blush ($4) – (Peach Perfection) – The buildability of this product is awesome. Whether you want a bold look or a subtle glow, you’re good to go with Beautifully Bare Blush. I apply Peach Perfection to my cheekbones and blend it in gently using my fingers. If you apply too much, it’s easy to buff it out using a bit of powder and the Kabuki brush mentioned below.

Studio Blush ($3) – This super affordable blush has an incredibly silky feel to it. Like The Beautifully Bare Blush, this product has excellent buildability. A single layer gives you a subtle hint of color, but you can easily add more for a bolder look. I personally like the shade Giddy Gold as a bronzer and Gotta Glow as a highlighter. For blush on my cheekbones, my favorite shades are Peachy Keen, Mellow Mauve, and Candid Coral.

All Over Color Stick ($1) – The All Over Color Stick is one of the first e.l.f. products that I tried, and I constantly re-purchase it. It’s essentially a very effective concealer stick. It’s great for under eye circles, red spots, you name it. I even use it as an eyeshadow primer when I run out. You can also opt for the shimmery version that is very similar to the Shimmering Facial Whip.

Cover Everything Concealer ($2) – I use this super-affordable concealer in Corrective Yellow. It’s excellent for any blueish tones you want to cover up – undereye circles, veins, and so on. It’s pretty long lasting, but I do like to sweep a bit of powder under for all-day wear. It pairs perfectly with the best-selling High Definition Undereye Setting Powder.

Acne Fighting Spot Gel With Aloe ($2) – Formerly known as the Zit Zapper, this neat little tool is great for quickly getting rid of blemishes. In my experience, it greatly reduces the redness and size of pimples in just a day or two. The roll-on applicator allows you to apply the spot gel with ultimate precision.

Best e.l.f. Tools

best e.l.f. products worth buying - tools

Kabuki Face Brush ($6) – I just bought this brush as a backup for my Contouring Kabuki Brush. The ultra soft bristles are perfect for applying all-over face powder. I use it daily to get an even application of powder without a chalky looking finish. I chose the small one due to the portability, but e.l.f. also has Kabuki brushes with longer handles.

Contouring Kabuki Brush ($6) – I got this as a Black Friday freebie during one of e.l.f.’s many amazing sales, and I am in love with it. Like the original Kabuki Face Brush, it’s perfect for flawless powder application. However, it offers a bit more precise application than the original brush, so it’s excellent for blush, bronzer, and more.

Angled Blush Brush ($4) – This brush pairs perfectly with the Studio Blush. It allows you to apply blush flawlessly. It’s also an excellent tool for easily sculpting and contouring your face using the Contour Palette or your bronzers/powders of choice.

Eyelash And Brow Wand ($1) – This brush is an essential tool if you want perfect looking eyelashes every time you don mascara. Whenever any of my lashes stick together, I lightly brush this wand through them. It removes clumps and separates my lashes without removing my mascara. The end result? My eyelashes look full and flawless. For only one dollar, this is a complete steal. One of the best e.l.f. products at the best price.

Essential Concealer Brush ($1) – This concealer brush is perfect for covering up small blemishes on your face. I use this on the occasional zit I get along with the All Over Color Stick in Apricot Beige. I actually have two of these brushes – I use one for concealer and one for bold lipsticks. When you’re donning a super dark shade such as black or plum, this tiny brush helps you pristinely apply the product.

Slant Tweezer ($1) – I’ve tried other tweezers that cost ten times as much as these, but nothing compares to the Slant Tweezer. They’re made from stainless steel and have an ultra precise tip. No one loves plucking their eyebrows, but this tool definitely makes it much easier.

Essential Shine Eraser ($1) – If you have oily skin, this bargain item is ideal for you. I keep these blotting papers in my makeup bag, and they instantly soak up excess oil. They contain green tea extract and take mere seconds to use. I definitely consider them a saving grace when I’m starting to look a little too shiny.

The Verdict: Best e.l.f. Products Top List

With this comprehensive list of the best e.l.f. products worth buying to guide you can go on a guilt-free shopping spree on e.l.f.’s website. Just to put the amazing savings into perspective, this entire list of 25 items totals $71.00. That’s going to get you two or three items at a department store beauty counter. If you have any e.l.f. cosmetic favorites or feedback, don’t hesitate to share your opinion below!

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