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Best Curling Wand Reviews: Top 10 Affordable Irons

Over the past year or two, curling wands have taken the hairstyling world by storm. If you want to find a great styling tool, take a look at our Top 10 Best Curling Wand Review List: There’s one for every budget. Let’s get started!

So, what’s the difference between a curling wand and and a curling iron? Why is this newer tool so trendy? Unlike traditional curling irons, curling wands are designed to create natural, softer looking curls. Curling wands do not feature a clasp like curling irons do, and they’re held with the cord facing up. This seems to make styling easier and creates a stylish, flattering look. So there are definitely some unique distinctions between the two products.

Since this trend is constantly growing, I wanted to create a list of reputable and affordable curling wands. With so many of them on the market, you may be wondering how I chose ones for this list. That’s a good question, and I’m happy to answer it! With every BaumBeauty list, there are lots of factors to think about. To choose the best curling wands, I considered:

  • Feedback from buyers across different websites.
  • Feedback in haircare forums and similar online communities.
  • The unique features that each curling wand offers.
  • What buyers are looking for when they purchase curling wands.
  • The value and affordability of each curling wand.

As you can see, a lot goes into picking out products for lists like these! I want to make sure you get the best curling wand for your budget, too. The items on this list are priced between $15 and $50 (at the time of publishing), so there’s something on here for everyone. Regardless of price, each of these curling wands offers top-notch features that users rave about. Without further ado, here are the 10 best curling wands and irons for every budget:

10 Best Curling Wand & Irons

Infiniti Pro by Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Wand Review

best curling wand reviews

This curling wand really stood out to me because it’s incredibly affordable at around $15 and has amazing ratings. At first glance, you’ll immediately see that this Conair gem has over 1,000 reviews from satisfied users. This tool is a breeze to use – no clamp, no kinks, and no fuss! It’s made from tourmaline ceramic; this is a popular material used in hair care tools to reduce damage. This best curling wand quickly heats up to 400 degrees, and it has an auto shut-off feature for safety. If you want something reputable and super budget-friendly, then this curling wand is definitely worth a look!

Remington T-Studio Curling Wand Review

best curling wand and iron

I’m personally a big fan of Remington hair care products. I use the uber popular Remington S5500 Digital Anti Static Ceramic Hair Straightener to keep my hair looking sleek and smooth. The T-Studio Curling Wand is yet another amazing tool by Remington, and it only costs about $20. The ceramic design gives you smooth, natural looking waves without crimps or kinks. The tapered barrel design allows you to make curls of different sizes, so you don’t get that unnatural 80’s perm look. Aside from the price and style, two things about this product stand out to me. First, it comes with a heat protection glove to make styling a breeze – these gloves can be pretty pricey! It also has over 5,000 rave reviews on Amazon. You get so much for such a low price, so I truly believe this is absolutely one of the best curling wands out there.

Bed Head “Curlipops” 1″ Curling Wand Review

best budget curling wand reviews

I’ve mentioned Bed Head hair care products a few times in our BaumBeauty hair care posts. When researching the best curling wands for this post, I was happy to come across a tool from this reputable brand. The design of this curling wand is sleek, simple, and user-friendly. A heat protection glove comes with the product, so you can use it with no worries. One feature that I like about this wand is that it has a rapid heat up time, so it’s great if you’re running a bit late. No one wants to wait five or ten minutes for their styling tools to heat up when they’re on the go! It’s also fairly priced at just under $30, so it’s a good fit for an average budget. According to a Bed Head styling tool chart, this wand is best for loose curls and outrageous body. So if you want a voluminous look that’s fairly natural, this wand is a great pick.

Remington T|Studio SILK Ceramic Slim Styling Wand Review

best curling iron and wand reviews

This Remington curling wand is similar to the one mentioned above in many ways. The body style is the same, it’s affordable at around $20, and it reaches a high temperature for quality heat styling. However, there are a few other features mentioned that I really enjoy. It’s got a 30-second heat up time, which makes it a convenient tool to have in your hair styling arsenal. It also features a temperature lock, so you get consistent heat for the best styling possible. The shut-off timer kicks in after 60 minutes, so you’ve got built-in safety that’s reassuring. Like the other Remington model, this one comes with a heat protection glove so you can safely get the styles you desire. If you’re trying to hunt down a budget-friendly curling wand with lots of benefits, this is a good option.

MQB 3-In-1 Hair Curler Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Curling Iron Wand Review

best curling wands

As you can see from the picture at the link above, this curling wand is quite unique looking. That’s because it features three removable ceramic barrels; each of them gives you a different size and style of curl. You’re essentially getting three curling wands for the price of one! At under $40, that’s an absolute steal for a styling product. Each barrel for this MQB wand is made of high-quality tourmaline ceramic, and it heats up quickly for fast, convenient styling. I really like the 360-degree swivel power cord that this tool has; there’s no need to worry about twisting and tangling! Users rave about the diversity that this wand offers thanks to the multiple attachments. Lots of reviewers also mention how quickly this wand heats up and how fast it creates long-lasting curls. You get so much for one very decent price – this best curling wand really stands out among the crowd!

Revlon Bold Expressions Flipperless Curling Wand Review

best curling wand on a budget

Revlon is another one of my favorite beauty brands; I’ve reviewed their EverPure conditioner and ColorStay eyeliner in other BaumBeauty posts. They provide stellar salon-quality for low drugstore prices, and this curling wand is no exception! It’s about $20, and it has so much to offer. The cone shaped barrel of the wand allows you to make uniform, defined curls or loose, beachy waves. The wand is designed to provide consistent heat during the entire styling process. This ensures you get even results when you want to achieve your desired look. It also features a swivel cord for ease of use, and it comes with a heat resistant glove for your protection. Additionally, this top rated curling iron/wand has a lot positive user reviews on Amazon. Users call this wand a magic tool and amazing. As you can see, this budget-friendly Revlon tool really gives you great bang for your buck!

xtava Satin Wave 5-in-1 Curling Iron and Wand Set Review

best curling wands reviews

I stumbled upon this wand when doing my research; it came up in pretty much every post or forum about curling wands! When I saw that it had a few thousand outstanding Amazon reviews, I knew that I had to see what it’s all about. Needless to say, this xtave Satin Wave curling wand is truly amazing, and it offers SO many different options. It comes with five detachable barrels that range in width and shape from .3 inches to 1.25 inches. You’re basically getting five amazing curling wands for one valuable price. The barrels range from a small tapered wand to a large, round barrel. No matter what kind of curls or waves you want, you can create them with this wand. It also features rapid heat technology, so you can get that perfect look in a short amount of time. The wand comes with a heat resistant glove and a heat protection travel case – you truly get everything you could possibly need. If you want a truly luxurious wand for a competitive price, I suggest checking this one out!

Bed Head Deep Waver Review

new cool advanced curling technology best

Okay, so this isn’t technically a curling wand. However, it falls into the same category and it’s definitely worth mentioning! It’s a unique heat styling tool that gives you perfectly wavy hair without the hassle of an old-school curling iron. Bed Head, the well-known salon hair care brand, offers this innovative tool for between $20 and $30. It’s designed to create distinct waves as you run it through your hair with ease. It works like a cross between a flat iron and a curling wand or iron; Amazon features a simple instructional video by Bed Head to show you how it’s done. It’s incredibly unique and innovative – I can honestly say I’ve never seen a tool quite like this one! With a few thousand reviews, this wave styler has an over 4 star average with users calling it a great purchase, amazing, and perfect. If you want deep waves instead of traditional curls, this is definitely the wand for you!

Zealite 6 in 1 Hair Curler Wand Set Review

best curling wand set

This set is just a bit more pricey than others on the list, but there’s a good reason for that! For just under $50, you get a highly-rated curling wand with six unique detachable barrels. You can create anything from spiral curls to loose waves using these attachments. Why should you buy multiple styling tools when this all-in-one deal gives you everything?! The wand features a versatile temperature range, so it’s perfect for all hair types. Each barrel is made from tourmaline ceramic, so once again we’ve got a tool that provides extra protection using high-quality material. The 360-degree swivel cord and crystal clear LED display make this wand a breeze to use. You can use one barrel for a uniform look or mix and match them to create unique styles. On Amazon, this Zealite curling wand has over 90 stellar reviews; users call it a “wonderful hair curling machine” that’s easy to operate. If you want the ability to create multiple looks without spending a fortune, this is the best curling wand for you!

xtava 2-in-1 Magic Wand Review

best 2 in 1 curling wand and iron

Last, but certainly not least, is this super unique styling tool by xtava. It’s a curling wand and a flat iron in one single tool – talk about an awesome deal! Like other curling wands, this tool has a clampless design that allows you to create kink-free curls and waves. If you want to flat iron your hair for a smooth look, you simply unlock the barrel. It doesn’t get any easier than that. If I had longer hair, this would almost certainly be my go-to styling tool. I love how simple yet unique it is, and it’s just under $25. Two tools in one for a super low price? Sign me up for that! The flat iron and curling wand duo is coated with ceramic to reduce damage to your hair. Lastly, it comes in four different sleek and stylish colors, so you can pick one that suits your taste. If you’re all about convenience and a simple beauty routine (like me), I truly think this is the best curling wand you can get at this price point!

Top 10 Best Curling Wand Options For Every Budget: Wrap-Up

With this list, you can easily find a curling wand that’s right for your budget and your hair needs. Whether you want to spend $15 or splurge a bit, there’s something on this list for everyone.

However, I do want to add in one quick tip! Heat protection products for your hair are an ABSOLUTE must if you use heat styling tools. High temperatures can damage your hair, and that damage can be difficult to repair. So here’s a quick list of some highly-rated heat styling products for under $10:

Combine one of these sprays with your favorite curling wand, and you’re all set! We’d love to hear your feedback about this top 10 best curling wands list. Have you used one of these tools before? Do you have a go-to curling wand that you absolutely love? We’re even eager to hear about not-so-great experiences – every opinion is welcome! If you want to get notifications for new BaumBeauty articles, simply sign up using our e-mail list. It takes seconds, it’s spam-free, and it keeps you up to date with our latest posts!

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